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Maker Space Ideas for Thanksgiving, November 2018

Stem/Maker Space Activities for November 2018 Art Teacher on the Net-MakerSpaces

November is the perfect time to create STEAM filled Arts and Crafts in your classroom, afterschool program, library, museum, or home.  Art Teacher on the Net at, shares ideas on how to put the “A” Art in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning this November.

1.      Study the Leaves. Fall is a perfect time to examine the amazing colors of the leaves. Take your group on a field trip and studying the many colors of Autumn. Encourage Tweens and Teens to take pictures with their cell phones and tablets.  Gather the leaves and then make your own artwork using Diffusing Leaves and Color Splash Liquid Watercolor
2.   Plant a Flower.  Plant and care for a flower this fall.
3.      Experiment with Different Medias While Making Leaf Rubbings. Use Colored PencilsMarkersCrayons, and Pastel, and experiment with different types of paper such as parchment, construction papertracing paper, and even recycled newsprint to create amazing works of art. Be sure to point out the veins that carry nutrients and other scientific terminologies that make up the anatomy of the fallen leaves. Explain that the season has changed and the leaf has stopped producing chlorophyll so now we can see the other colors of the leaf.
4.      Make a Mayflower. Use a plastic recycled water bottle, mini craft stickswhite tag board for the sails, and quality Alene’s Tacky Glue to create your own Mayflower ship.  Be sure to discuss the science of why it floats and remember to paint the sails and the body of the ship using acrylic paint.
5.      Weave a Native American Basket. Thanksgiving is a great time to use your math skills and learn to weave. Use recycled plastic bags also known as plarn (plastic yarn) to create a basket or make a more traditional one with the jute kit.  
6.      Plant Corn. . .Popcorn, that is! Terra Cotta Planters are the perfect containers to grow Thanksgiving corn and teach micro gardening.
7.      Design a Children’s Thanksgiving Table. Use cardboard, found objects, empty water bottles, or just paper and pencil to create a unique table made especially for children celebrating Thanksgiving. Be sure to take a photo of the table. Don’t forget the paint and brushes to embellish the cardboard table.
8.      Watch the Macys Day Parade.  Enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving Day parade and then create a shoebox tableau of your own with your group.  You will need Alene’s Tacky Glueglitterpaint, and clay, along with found and recycled objects.
  1. Tell Them Thank You.  Use recycled paper and found objects to create thank you cards to give to all the people you love this Thanksgiving, especially those closest to you. is an award winning online resource for teachers, librarians, afterschool group leaders, museum staff and parents. has been a highly recommended art education resource for quality art projects and art activities online since 1998, and currently offers free art resources, important information for those making maker spaces, professional development opportunities, and STEM and STEAM curriculum, and an Ask an Expert feature.

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